Atomic weapons: Brought to you by Plymouth automobiles!

A 1942 Plymouth. A small box sitting on the back seat. Two careful nerds in short sleeves. That is all it took to deliver the core of the first atomic bomb. THE most top-secret project ever of the time. It was a USED car! I'm sure today they would blow several million on a dedicated transportation vehicle and millions… » 4/22/14 7:22pm Tuesday 7:22pm

I want to fix the mini. I really do! I also want to do more stuff

It turns out the cost of the metal panels I need to do the floor and other minor stuff to the OG mini is pretty much the exact cost of building a decent cyclocross bike. That is my goal this fall - and so is having a mini without holes in it. The prices on parts are clearance right now, but then i cant buy the metal… » 4/21/14 10:01pm Monday 10:01pm

Indeed beautiful cars. A mechanic my family used for 30 years used to have an early hard top one. Said the best feeling in the world was watching it being towed away with a check in his hand...he always had problems with that one. » 4/21/14 9:39pm Monday 9:39pm

Yeah Top Gear had a special dvd called the worst car in the world. Jeremy and James pronounced this car the winner not because it was bad...but because it did nothing for anyone and was just not exciting or boring...but so blah that they left it on richard's driveway. » 4/07/14 10:22pm 4/07/14 10:22pm