When working the claim for my hail damage, they said at 70% value is when they would total it. That’s Geico. So, 10-15k/.7=21.5k value you need to be at or under to potentially be totaled by that math? that sound right? » 5/03/15 8:28pm Sunday 8:28pm

Just an aside to the curbstoning issue. After reading how it’s done I was shocked that I have done it! Well, not the evil side of it. The first few details that describe the deal going down where the title is in someone elses name and another document with agreements between that person and the seller...etc. Well, I… » 5/02/15 9:49am Saturday 9:49am

MotorSport Magazine. Who wants a huge* stack?

The wife gives me a subscription to this every Christmas. I now have a growing stack. I can’t think of a better magazine that contains writing from the absolute top motor sport writers in the industry. The real digs inside of all racing and the real digs from the past history, monthly. » 5/01/15 10:22pm Friday 10:22pm

You can do quite a bit with that budget now days. Single video card is all you need now, and monitors are cheap so you can grab 3 decent 22” for $400. All your budget is going to is memory, graphics card, monitors. Chip and board are inexpensive now compared to that. But, I would recommend a nice case for your sanity.… » 5/01/15 10:07am Friday 10:07am

I don't get it. 1-turbo, 2-exhausts.

Why? This occurred to me after walking in to the grocery store today, an STI with custom exhaust rolled by looking for parking. I could hear it’s barely muffled turbo just lightly spinning over. It hit me. With one single turbo exiting through one pipe, why does it need two mufflers and four pipes? I hate vanity… » 4/30/15 9:51pm 4/30/15 9:51pm

The airport at LaGuardia has been redone in favor of Delta owned product creation. All restaurants are generic versions of what was there before and they change more. JFK and Newark are all going in that direction as well as a way for hte actual airline to make more money on the backside. » 4/30/15 3:18pm 4/30/15 3:18pm

It is good. I liked it quite a bit. I personally disagree with it being up there with Private Ryan but nobody really looked at the Tank heroes of war. They did capture how awfully gritty and thankless the job is. » 4/30/15 11:58am 4/30/15 11:58am

Let's go fly on half of a VW engine.

This is a 1/2 VW engine. That’s right, they cut the engine in half, cutting out the back cylinders and welded the case back together so only two cylinders exist. The purpose of such an engine is for ultralight or very very light aircraft, without spending twice as much money on expensive Austrian two-stroke power.… » 4/30/15 11:50am 4/30/15 11:50am

Goes to show, if you put easy to access and simple/cheap to manufacture parts in everyones hands, the only limit to learning is the person holding those parts and their curiosity. (And I could mention the system influencing what’s right or wrong to learn but that’s a whole other post on a whole other political website) » 4/30/15 10:49am 4/30/15 10:49am

So what's that Top Fuel diesel conversion engine up to lately?

You may remember seeing this post a while back. A Top Fuel dragster engine converted to run on diesel and piss off your neighbors three farms away. Well, they have continued development and this season, it’s time to go see it on track at your first NHRDA event. Supposedly in that video on the dyno, they only ran it… » 4/23/15 11:18pm 4/23/15 11:18pm