XJS-V12. Bought by a friend. What surprises should he expect?

Aparently it's absolutely mint. For $6,500 he discovered a 1990 BRG model so it has Magneti Marelli engine management instead Lucas Electric and the prince of darkness band. He couldn't find anything wrong at all with the body and the interior is of course the finest Connolly leather and perfect. 5.3 V-12 that only… » 3/01/15 7:08pm Sunday 7:08pm

I freakin' love my wife. She gets me this for Christmas every year.

At $80/year I think it's VERY worth the subscription. There is the digital edition as well but some of the great things are their free podcasts especially this one with Dario Franchiti done this past January, where he says Montoya is going to have a big big big year. Everything is spot on because their journo talent… » 3/01/15 6:49pm Sunday 6:49pm

search Mike Rowe talking about minimum wage increases and his first job in a movie theatre. Its unfortunate tosay but this is where you learn tact, how to take crap from people and survive on no respect. Again, valuable stuff to learn. All growns up i can say that interpersonal skills and dealingc with crap isnt… » 3/01/15 11:21am Sunday 11:21am

Asshole detection: The car's ability to know when the driver is becoming an asshole, and communicate locally so it can also alert you when other cars driven by assholes are near. This can be shared to social media so you can see on your obscuring-line-of-sight mounted GPS/iphone on the windshield where the asshole… » 2/27/15 11:49am Friday 11:49am

Awesome! I still have a stack of index cards for testing a card game I accidentally invented while trying to study for work. It's quite fun, but I just need to settle down with other projects and pick something and finish it. Art and descriptions to go on the cards and then final test. » 2/26/15 11:47am Thursday 11:47am

I can get that. Im sure quite a few engine notes are heavily dependant on exhaust and intake effects. Rarely does any engine sound right at all revs and some of these "tuned" straightpipe dyno queens can sound pretty awful but give it 3-1 headers with the right crossover angle after....that can wake up most any v6. » 2/23/15 8:20pm 2/23/15 8:20pm