Methinks trickery is afoot! Excellent editing work i must say but look at how fast the kid goes in the tub and how fast the lid goes on. she just reaches over and pushes, doesn't check the lid is fastened. the kid inside couldn't fasten the how did it stay on? Right before the kid climbs out of it, look at… » 11/27/14 2:04pm Yesterday 2:04pm

Talk me out(in) of(to) this tablet. (car inside for helping.)

The Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 (10.1" with full windows, less than $400) has my eye. For a good long while I've been trying to find something instead of the surface pro 3 because of money. The SP3 is just too much money especially after the keyboard. This sucker comes with the keyboard/cover and 15 hours of battery life on… » 11/26/14 3:31pm Wednesday 3:31pm

I would assume the loan, however financed, is underwritten and insured. If the facility that owns the loan goes under, the loan doesn't disappear, it's an asset with value so someone would wind up with it through buying it off of the leftover assets or assuming ownership due to their position to the rights to the… » 11/26/14 2:02pm Wednesday 2:02pm

Rfactor used to be absolutely incredible. Probably still is. I used to do huge races with thirty guys thrashing around road courses working strategy and tire temps the whole time for some long periods. 45 minute road races. Two hour enduros. We even did nascar cars at the old LeMans and those cars, believe it or not,… » 11/26/14 1:06pm Wednesday 1:06pm

Rant: Is it possible for CSI:miami to NOT be total bullshit?

CSI: Miami. Episode-"Flight Risk" (2009). This fantastic gem is on A&E right now and is such complete Bullshit (I can't even censor myself i hate these writers so much) Whoever wrote it is why the stereotype of how air crews are exists. It's like writing a TV show about inner cities and in it portraying every racial… » 11/26/14 12:42pm Wednesday 12:42pm